Fragmented libel blocks documentary on Scientology from the UK screens

The fragmented state of libel laws in the UK means you will not be able to see a US-made documentary about the Church of Scientology. English and Welsh libel was reformed in 2013. The hurdles for the claimant were raised and the defences strengthened. Northern Ireland has the old libel But Northern Ireland kept the Read More

A UK internet troll seriously damaged the reputation of a US lawyer, the High Court decided yesterday. Jason Page put a false review on Google maps about the Colorado lawyer Timothy Bussey, the Court decided. Under the new law Page now faces a £100,000 bill after losing the case. It is one of the first Read More

Specsavers should have gone to ContentETC to save it a libel action

Kevin Pietersen has won a libel action against an advert.  It suggested that he had tampered with his cricket bat to fool the Hot Spot technology cricket now uses.  It was run by Specsavers. His lawyer rightly said after: the intention of the content or its creators is irrelevant.  It’s the impact that counts. All Read More

ContentETC briefing prompts campaign to reform libel in Nigeria

A leading Nigerian media company plans to launch a campaign in Nigeria to reform Nigeria’s libel laws.  Media Trust, a newspaper, internet and magazine publisher in the Nigerian capital, plans to lobby other publishers and journalists to mount this campaign.  The aim is to reform the complicated libel laws to win more freedom of speech. Read More

Belfast and Dublin to be new centres for libel after Act in England and Wales

It’s all very well for the new Defamation Act to be enforced in England and Wales with its new stronger defences.  But libel is always a race to the bottom: where can the claimant/plaintiff sue and have a higher chance of winning?   The answer now is in Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic. The Northern Read More

Play our Keep it Legal game: beta version

Game on!  There’s a horrible term in training: gamification.  It means turning training into games.  That way, apparently, people learn faster, with more fun and what they learn sticks.  You can also test through games if people have got the point. So we have a game: at least in beta mode.  It is Keep it Read More

Mann versus big oil

Here’s a libel case to watch: Prof Michael Mann of the USA versus climate-change deniers.  The Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) and The National Review attacked Mann, author of the hockey stick curve which, he says, proves there is global warning.  But they attacked in a way which, Mann claims, is a libel in the USA. Read More