ABC’s for magazines show storm may be abating

Here’s a bold prediction: the perfect storm which has engulfed the UK magazine sector is abating. The latest ABC figures show some signs of stability: at a much lower level then before the storm but keeping afloat in the storm is success. Women’s weeklies down slightly That bell weather of the sector, the women’s weekly Read More

10 ways to use interns

We are not using our interns and work experience students enough.  There are plenty of them and they often don’t contribute much to the organisations they work for. Here are my top 10 tips for getting interns and those on work experience to contribute: 1                     Tell them your approach, your market, your work in words Read More

Reed Elsevier’s interim results are a swallow for summer

Reed Elsevier’s first quarter 2013 statement is encouraging reading.  Not only for RE’s shareholders but for the whole sector of publishers and information providers. Revenue growth was in line with 2012 which was 4%.  Even better, underlying profit growth in 2012 was 6%. Shareholder sweetener The shareholders are getting a sweetener: £181 million has been Read More

What makes a great magazine cover?

Excellent cover this week from Country Life.  It has all the elements: the image of the cottage; the innuendo in “Somewhere for the weekend”; the announcement that Prince Charles will be a guest editor; chocolate; and love. Plus all that property porn in 61 pages.  It should fly off the shelves. Enter our picture-caption competiton Read More

Message from Centaur’s results: diversify because the recession is not over

The message for publishers from Centaur Media’s results today is clear: diversify.  Centaur should drop the “media” from its title and put “content” in its place. Centaur’s revenue is up 14% in the half year to December 2012 on the corresponding half year.  And its earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) is up Read More

Tesco magazine better read than The Sun

Tesco magazine has overcome The Sun as the most read print publication in the UK, according to The Financial Times. This proves three things: Magazines work as a means of communication, despite some dire tales from publishers; Free content is becoming the norm: Tesco magazine is free; and Branded content in the form of contract Read More

Five to get PPA’s Professional Certificate via UEL

Five graduates of the University of East London (UEL) will receive their Professional Publishers Association  (PPA) Professional Certificate in Journalism next week. This is the first time the Professional Certificate has been run through a University.  I ran it in parallel with a practical module they have to do in their final year. High marks Read More

Berlusconi behind Kate topless pictures?

Here’s a conspiracy. Silvio Berlusconi is behind the revelation of Kate Middleton’s upper half  in France and Italy.  He owns both magazines carrying the photos, Closer in France and Chi in Italy through Mondadori. He owns the mags His representatives say that the Italian media mogul had nothing to do with it.  But as Mandy Read More