Use mind maps as a tool in corporate communications

There is a tool in the tool kit of corporate communications which is not used enough: the mind map. Also known as the spider diagram. They are not for everybody, but they help those who see more value and information in pictures than in lists. They enforce a discipline about the subject. One thing has Read More

First impressions? Deep communication.

Life IS communications. Especially now, when instant democratic broadcast media is available to anyone with a “device”. Reading this interesting piece in this week’s Marketing Week underlines one effect of this. Snap judgements, made in a microsecond, and crucially, beyond our individual or rational control (that’s another story…) can brutally harm your intended message and Read More

Customer magazines thrive

Customer magazines, aka contract magazines, are a strengthening arm of corporate communications.  They give brands all the appeal of a magazine and remain in front of the customer long after they have left the shop or consumed the service.  They are part of the sector calling itself content marketers. Strategic or tactical They can be Read More

First impressions matter…

Is there a tide of change in recruitment…? Organisations are now starting to recognise that everything they publish, distribute, or post has to reinforce the brand message. Now, it is no longer enough to have a slick website if the careers section looks like a back-street fast-food stall, or worse. I still see many glossy Read More

I can see the light, but the tunnel keeps getting longer…

I read only last week that a venerable Scandinavian research institute had deduced (after a mega bout of data crunching and munching that I can only imagine) that: “90% of ALL the data ever produced by humanity has been created in the last two years.” Wow, I thought. That’s what I call exponential… We all Read More

Hearst learn game of digital subs

Buried in the detail of the latest ABCs for magazines was the interesting detail of digital subs.  Hearst is the winner with 4 digital mags in the top 11. Conde Nast has 2, The Economist had 2: the continental Europe edition and the Asia Pacific edition. As for the paper editions, total circulation was down Read More

Contract mag works for Heineken

Heineken and its contract publisher Wardour have shown that magazines can work.  After only three issues of the contract magazine First Orders  published by Wardour for Heineken aimed at the drinks trade a staggering 41% of readers said the magazine had positively changed their view of the brewer. A third place order A third of Read More

Pass the cheese please…

Last week I spent a very enjoyable day working with two very well-known and widely respected B2B editors. We were looking at the copywriting tasks they have to fulfil, and the associated skills they need. As seasoned journalists they are clearly excellent at written communication, but of course writing that is focused purely on persuasion Read More

Internal or external communications?

Surely we’re all familiar with “external” communications? As well as the many and varied formats of print, events, broadcast and web content, there are the more interpersonal and direct platforms of PowerPoint pitches, sales calls, review meetings, client reports, email proposals, project updates, etc, etc… So much for getting your message successfully into the outside world. But how many of us really think about Read More