Expert help with your writing, when you really need it

We all know what it’s like being trained. Especially if it’s a good course, with an inspiring tutor. You eagerly soak up the top tips and new ideas, and resolve to apply new lessons back at your desk. Then time passes, and while you are making every effort to control bad habits, and learn new,

Five ways to stop churnalism

Let’s try again to get rid of “churnalism”: the rewriting of press releases masquerading as news. Here’s my five ways to do it: 1    Look for patterns in the news flow.  A company launches a product: who has launched a product like this recently?  So instead of the intro being “So-and-so   launched a new gizmo

Write your new intro for the Kennedy killing

This is the intro of the prize-winning news story written by Tom Wicker on the day President Kennedy was shot: “Dallas, Nov 22 – President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was shot and killed by an assassin today.” It is a marvel of compacted writing, with “who”, “what” and “where” all in there.  And he carries on

Top tip – advanced news writing

#24 You’ve got to be a bit more canny when using hook intros than with a summary intro.  Look for unusual parts of the story or details which you have seen or gathered from your reporting.  Go through your notebook and have a look at the different parts of it and make sure that you’ve

Demand Media no threat to exclusive, original & quality journalism

Demand Media, a content farm as it is called, is about to go public and make its founders a pile of money.  They have built a content farm which pulls together content from other sites and serves it up as How To lists and even full articles. USA Today is already using it to generate