Mail Online – a masterclass in writing for the web

It looks like Mail Online is about to prove that chasing traffic is one way to make digital pay. It now predicts that the Daily Mail website will be in profit by July 2012, even earlier than expected. It is already, by most counts, the most read newspaper website in the world. It’s not luck. Read More

Top tip of the week on SEO

#35 Before creating any content, make a list of key words and phrases you think people will use to search for your subject. Spend some time searching for content, products and services related to your business.  See what sites sit high in the rankings and where their key words and phrases appear. See more top Read More

Is bigger traffic better traffic?

Interesting to hear Joanna Geary, the communities editor of The Times in the UK, speaking at the news:rewired conference in London yesterday. More is not necessarily better when it comes to traffic, she said, it’s the quality that counts. Loyal users are better value because keeping them is more profitable than attracting new users each Read More

Google: relevance yes; quality no

A timely reminder that Google does not measure the quality of content. A story in the New York Times revealed that an online retailer had managed to turn poor comments from customers in to a high ranking  from Google. Google acted quickly to add an algorithm to stop such a thing happening again. It said:  Read More

Top tip of the week – SEO

#17 Search Engine Optimisation – don’t pay for search engine marketing if you already sit at the top of the organic search results for those search terms. You might end up paying for users who would have naturally clicked on your organic link. See more top tips here. Read More