Bemis: great slogan and needs to use it: The Best Seat in the House

How can you communicate to customers that you make the best toilet seats? After all, it’s only a toilet seat. Bemis has got a great slogan for its toilet seats: The Best Seat in the House. It’s gone as far as to register it as a trade mark. A big but That’s good corporate communications. Read More

Guidelines for naming companies

Company names are part of the company’s intellectual property.  They are increasingly being defended.  Legal disputes over company names have shot up by 43% this year, says Sweet & Maxwell, the legal information provider. Some smaller companies are piggy packing on the success of larger companies.  This is particularly so for IT companies such as Read More

Caution becomes the standard

I’ve already said that if you drew a line for the amount of freedom of expression granted in the UK over time, the line would now be dipping. At present there are at least 10 areas of law which pull down this line, making the areas journalists should write and talk about smaller and smaller. Read More