Eurostar should train its train crews to handle bumps in the track

Eurostar does not seem to learn from its mistakes: it has had another disaster. Things go wrong. But it’s how a company reacts when they do go wrong that shows its skills at corporate communications. This time power lines failed outside Lille stranding 1,200 passengers on 2 trains overnight. One of them got to Brussels Read More

What’s in a name: everything, so what is TNT doing changing to whistle or is it Whistle?

The mail operation of TNT, delivering post to your door, has decided to change its name to Whistle, or is it whistle? Not sure in its marketing statements which it is, capital or not. Be very careful about changing names or choosing them in the first place.  It is a key part of corporate communications.  Read More

How do you control your message?

When Mr Miliband spoke for over an hour – without notes! – he must have thought that this memory feat alone would secure positive support and endorsement for his personal brand. Now, he knows better. Let’s look briefly at the main components of his message: EXPECTATIONS This largely forms the “context” of the message, and Read More