Choosing the right words for the web

It sounds easy: think like the people who you want to come to your site. Imagine what words would they use in their search. Then get those words in, high up in your text.

So why isn’t everything that appears on the web optimised for search?

Well, maybe it is but doesn’t look like it is.

The MailOnline formula for seo
MailOnline balances creatvity and SEO

Take this example from the highly successful MailOnline. This headline from a story about actress Emma Watson at the Harry Potter premiere doesn’t look particularly search engine friendly.

What a magic little number! Emma Watson wipes away her tears and changes into a short frock to sparkle at Harry Potter afterparty

It breaks at least two classic rules for headlines on the web: it’s lomg and the key words aren’t at the beginning.
But wait. Look at the page title, a vital place for search engines.

Now the key words are where we expect to find them.  It’s a winning combination of page title and headline.

So, people are getting smarter about the way they balance what search engines need with the kind of creativity that pulls in readers.

It’s working for MailOnline. Where else is it working?

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