Content is king – maybe

Content is king. That’s the mantra. But it isn’t king if it isn’t in the right shape for its audience to appreciate it.

People know that. That’s why we spend a lot of time crafting our words so that we can get our message across.

But somehow people keep forgetting lessons we should already have learned. We know that reading from a mobile is not same as reading from a computer screen. But, as Jakob Nielsen points out, new research shows that reading from a mobile screen is twice as difficult as reading from a desktop.

More and more people are using their mobiles to access website, but still many companies are doing little to adapt content  for this use.

And, it is becoming painfully obvious that, in the same way that it didn’t work to shovel print content on to the web, it won’t work to push it, unchanged, onto apps.

Every time a new platform comes along we have to ask the question again: who are the users and what can we build for them?

It’s easy to see why it gets shoved aside: it’s expensive for anyone who’s already got content. But what’s the alternative?

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