Content marketing: growing but depends on good content

The latest research into content marketing from the leading market – North America –shows clear trends for this fledgling marketing approach.  The trend is: the more the better.

Traditional marketing involves the renting of space in other media.  Content marketing involves the creation of content and its distribution through your own media.  It includes contract magazines, your own blogs, your own exploitation of social media.

Wikipedia has a rather thin definition of content marketing which if you are focused on content marketing you may like to flesh out.

More the better

The survey results show that the most effective content marketing in B2B marketing:

  • Has a strategy behind it;
  • Uses as many tactics as it can;
  • Uses a higher percentage of the marketing budget; and
  • Has a focus with somebody in charge of the content marketing strategy.
The more the better in North American content marketing
The more the better in North American content marketing

The survey has been published by the Content Marketing Institute.  And you may say: “Well, they would say that, wouldn’t they.”  There’s a clue in their title about what they are interested in.

Generate your own content for your targets

But the overall pattern is clear: generate your own content or have it generated for you and use direct access to your target markets.

That’s all well and good but it depends on the quality of your content.   The content in content marketing strategies still has to complete with the best of other content generated by “professionals” called journalists.  And much of it not up to it.  It does not have the standards of the “professional” piece,   the quality of writing in structure or language.  And this content has to be crafted for each media used.

I am going to tell my university journalism students next week that they should look beyond just the world of journalism and to the world of content marketing for their future employment.

Here to help

The skills of “professional” journalism are needed in content marketing.  And that’s why, over the years, we have morphed from Editorial Training Consultants into ContentETC.  There’s a clue in the title that we are here to help in content marketing.

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