Contract magazines power on

Contract magazine publishing goes from strength to strength, despite the gloom around consumer and B2B magazine publishing.

  • 11 of the top 20 magazines by circulation are contract magazines, according to the ABC;
  • 65% of the contract magazines in the top 100 have increased circulation or are new contract magaziness; and
  • All the top five magazines in the women’s interest sector are contract magazines.

This is all cheery news for the Association of Publishing Agents, the trade body of contract publishers.

From Redwood to Condé Nast

Contract publishing here started with specialist publishers such as Redwood.  It has gone far beyond that now with successful operations at Haymarket and Dennis, among others.  The latest Dennis contract is for Full Signal, a digital magazine for phones 4 u.  It is a 22-page digital magazine aimed at phones 4 u’s male 18-25-year-old customers.

Expanding into digital

This shows how brand owners are using the expertise of magazine publishers in the digital sphere to expand their brand.

Contract publishing has attracted the attention of even Condé Nast which has a contract arm with magazines for, among others, Ferrari.

But it does not have to be an upmarket brand like Ferrari which is entering the contract magazine arena.  Staysure, an insurance company targeting the over 50s, has also launched its magazine through Dennis.  It aims at a mixture of lifestyle and insurance advice.

There then is at least one of my predictions for 2010 which is proving correct.  Yes, it’s a year late but…

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