Disney’s Bob Eiger – content “stands really tall in a sea of choice”

Great interview with Bob Eiger on BBC’s The Media Show: Snippets here:

“I think if you look at today’s media landscape — whether you are in the UK, or the United States, or many other places in the world — first of all, it starts with content. Content is king. People love to consume stories, movies, television shows, sporting events, you name it. And so owning and controlling a lot of it, if it is high-quality — because quality is important, because you have a huge proliferation of content that is being made and provided — quality stands really tall in a sea of choice. So I think, more than anything, get the content. And then secondly, get content that is so valuable, so important, so loved by consumers, that they’ll access it or buy it almost any way they possibly can.”

Access the full interview

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