Doddle gets the name wrong: what’s the message to customers about its service?

There is little more important in corporate communications than your company name. Doddle has got it wrong. It has been plastering railway stations with its advertising but I could not for the life of me understand what it did.

Catchy names don’t tell customers what you do

It’s fashionable to have a company name which is catchy. TNT changed, at great expense, the name of its domestic mail delivery from TNT to Whistl. Why? TNT is known. Whistl could mean anything.

What does Doddle mean to its potential customers?

The same for Doddle. There are other Doddles in the world, one of them a teaching resource. But it must have hit a cord in a branding exercise. But you must ask yourself, what does it mean to your customers?

Useless name

Doddle, the one I am writing about, lets you collect or return parcels at railway stations. This may be a useful service. But it’s a useless name.

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