Essentials shows the reader is the celebrity

Essentials, the women’s monthly magazine from IPC, shows this month why its circulation is rising faster than any other women’s magazine: its closeness to its readers.

Essentials’ October edition is edited by 7 women readers.  We are used to celebrity editors but this puts the readers into the celebrity slot.  They are featured on the cover with the coverline “Celebrating real women like you…looking good and loving life”.

115 competitors

Essentials ran its first real women last year and since then has only run readers on the cover.  Sales are up 9.9% over the year in the crowded and competitive market.  Brad lists 84 women’s leisure and fashion mags and 32 women’s weeklies.

A circulation of 126,904 does not put Essentials on the top of the pile by a long chalk.   It is beaten by InStyle (175,113) and Easy Living (158,038).  And its readership is older: the median age is 50 years with a target of 25-54.

So, in all aspects, not only the writing but the editing, the mantra is: get closer to your readers.

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