First impressions? Deep communication.

Life IS communications.

Especially now, when instant democratic broadcast media is available to anyone with a “device”.

Reading this interesting piece in this week’s Marketing Week underlines one effect of this. Snap judgements, made in a microsecond, and crucially, beyond our individual or rational control (that’s another story…) can brutally harm your intended message and subsequent success.


Another excellent article by Mark Ritson in this week’s issue shows us the other side of the communication tidal system. He’s right to say that it’s the perception that matters, not the facts.tesco

If you want to draw a useful conclusion, then it’s simply this: be yourself.

Work or personal, friends or colleagues, customers or prospects…we always recognise – and respect – authenticity.

Brands are capable of creating this quality (think Levi’s, FT, Innocent, etc)  but to sustain this effect needs the right attitude, honed skills, 24/7 vigilance – and stamina – that sadly seems beyond the scope and ability of most marketing communication professionals.

And that’s why those that succeed, succeed brilliantly.

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