First Twitter libel in England

We’ve got the first libel case in England and Wales about Twitter.  It involves cricket, allegations of cheating, New Zealand and an Indian cricket authority.

So why here?  Because the libel laws here are the most strict in any democracy.   And the Tweet was read by between 35 to 95 people here.

24 words accuse Cairns of cheating

Chris Cairns, ex-captain of the NZ cricket team, was called a cheat by Lalit Modi, former chair of the Indian Premier League in a Tweet of 24 words.

Now the whole thing in being raked over in a court in London.

NZ TV reports today on the case which is expected to last 4 weeks.

4 lessons

Lessons to be learned from this are:

  • Twitter is as covered by libel as any other media;
  • Cricket has, sadly, been blighted again by match-fixing allegations;
  • Libel tourism is alive and well in London; and
  • More importantly: know English and Welsh libel law wherever you are and whatever your media because you can be sued here.

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