Get to the point!

Just back from a trip to Melbourne, Australia. My hometown.

While there, I was reminded of the Aussie idiom, their distinctive knack for slang and shortening words.

Barbie,  not barbecue. Garbos, not refuse collectors. And so on…

Also their brevity and directness with the written word. You may have seen the Meat Marketing Board poster a few years back featuring the classic line:

Eat more beef you bastards!

Well this got me thinking. In the UK we value cleverness and literacy. Reason and rationale.

Over there, all that seems to matter is clarity. Absolute, almost brutal clarity.

It’s not better or worse, just different. Very different. And it got me thinking about some classic straplines, and how the Aussies may have dealt with them…

British Airways. The dog’s bollocks.

Diamonds. Geez they last!

(with apologies to the original slogans and their authors…)

So while I wouldn’t suggest transferring one culture’s values to another, I do recommend thinking about your own writing. See if you can distil the meaning into fewer words, and they may well have more impact.

It’s worth a try, and while you’re feeling creative, have a go at our Caption Competition and win a free Elearning course of your choice!



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