Good and bad in UK press

The good and bad of the UK media were on show this weekend. 

The good is the News of the World investigation into bet rigging in cricket.  A first class piece of investigative journalism:

  • On an issue of public interest;
  • Causing other media to follow it; and
  • Digging out a story which will run and run.

The bad is that another sports “personality” has got a super injunction to stop papers printing information about their private lives.  Again it’s a footballer, the third English one to use their wealth to secure an injunction.

Why should we care?  It’s on the field or track that counts.  It would be OK if:

  • They have paraded themselves as a paragon of virtue until now;   
  • Or used their family for direct gain; or
  • Or were paid for coverage of their marriage where they said “Till Death Do We Part”.

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