Google is always watching you

…even, apparently, when you’re not doing anything!

Google had just been granted a patent – which they filed back in 2005 – which allows them to track the mouse movements and the cursor positions of our computer screens , even (and especially) when we are not clicking anything.

This will no doubt prove a useful addition to Google’s legendary algorithm, helping them to predict which search results are most attractive to web users.

But where, exactly, does it stop and start? Will Google still be tracking my mouse when I click on a search result? Will its cookies still be feeding back information on my web behaviour, long after I’ve left the Google home page?

I see this is further proof that we’re still at the very beginning of the internet lifecycle. While the web is still a largely freeform, shape-shifting cloud of data, there will always be the need for fast and relevant indexing. Yet is it right that the most power and commercial success online is centred upon a business that essentially produces a handy bookmark? Hmmmm…

Watch this space, because it appears Google already is.

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