Google: relevance yes; quality no

A timely reminder that Google does not measure the quality of content. A story in the New York Times revealed that an online retailer had managed to turn poor comments from customers in to a high ranking  from Google.

Google acted quickly to add an algorithm to stop such a thing happening again. It said:  “Being bad is, and hopefully will always be, bad for business in Google’s search results.”

Writers who are posting news every day know that search engines can work against the fight to produce quality news. The sites that get the story with the key words in it up fastest tend to rank highest – even if all they are doing is posting a press release.

Taking the time to get corrorboration or extra information to turn a “so what” story into a “that’s what” story is not only not rewarded, it is penalised.

Another push down the well-trodden path to churnalism?

One thought on “Google: relevance yes; quality no

  1. becky says:

    Hmmm, I guess this just repeats the old adage that any publicity is good publicity! I guess it all comes down to understanding the tricks.

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