Grammar is the glue.

Check your grammar!

I received an email this morning with this sentence:

“Make no mistake, personalising products to customers’ needs wins business – but we must remember to pay as much attention to making it easy as to the product itself.”

Like me, you probably had to read it twice.

The author is a professional writer, and this email was sent to all her customers and prospects. Yet if she had checked it properly, surely she would have noticed – and fixed – the clumsy grammar.

The best way to check your grammar – and your punctuation – is simply to read your words aloud to yourself. Your brain will override your mouth and clearly indicate any confusing passages, and exactly where you should be placing commas (where you pause) and full stops (where you take a breath).

Words are the bricks of language, but grammar is definitely the mortar that holds them together.  Used properly, it is like invisible mending, allowing your message to flow smoothly into the mind of your reader.

Ignoring it, or failing to even check your work, means you will annoy or confuse your reader. Not a great start.

So why not spend £50 now on our fantastic grammar course, and transform all your written communication? 

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