Guidelines for virtual meetings

We are all using Google hangouts, Zoom etc, more and more.  Here are some simple guidelines to help you maximise your use of them:

  • Be sure to test microphone, speakers and camera beforehand.
  • Be platform agnostic: if your client has a favourite, use it.  Otherwise use the one cheapest and easiest for you.  This is not a technology issue but a communications issue.
  • Don’t go in for large hand or arm gestures: the video delay makes them a blur. I have to discipline myself.
  • You might need to use a second screen or download the right app to your phone so that you can see chat messages at the same time as presenting.
  • When you ask people to write a message, give them a few minutes to think and write before moving on to the next thing.
  • Always repeat back their response with a name check.
  • Frequently look at the camera not just the screen: this improves eye contact.
  • Slow down speech and be as clear as possible in pronunciation.
  • Have a good goodbye: don’t let it dribble off as people can be left hanging and not satisfied.

What are your guidelines?  Tell us and share them.

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