Hearst learn game of digital subs

Buried in the detail of the latest ABCs for magazines was the interesting detail of digital subs.  Hearst is the winner with 4 digital mags in the top 11.

Hearst: learning the game of digital subs with 4 in the top 11

Conde Nast has 2, The Economist had 2: the continental Europe edition and the Asia Pacific edition.

As for the paper editions, total circulation was down 2.1% in the first half of 2012 compared with the first half of 2011.

Mainstay of mags: women’s sectors take a hammering

The women’s sector took a hammering: women’s weeklies down 10.93%; women’s health and beauty down 17.4%; women’s hair mags down 24.9%.  And few digital subs to make up the difference.

A new generation of readers

The bright sparks are at the start of people’s consumption of magazines: Preteen up 536.7% and mags aimed at primary school children up 183.8%.  Welcome to a new generation of magazine readers.

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