How important is spelling?

Well,  perhaps you can you tell me…

Admiring the view has just taking on a whole new meaning.”

This is the line taken today from the Nissan UK website, where they are extolling the virtues of their brand new X-Trail model. I already own an older version of this particular car, so was checking out this new model, and came across several “typos”, one of which is in the line above.

My problem isn’t really just the poor grammar (though from a company this size, I have to say I am surprised…). My disappointment is even more pronounced because everywhere else on the site, Nissan emphasise their excellent quality, their attention to detail, their styling touches, etc, etc.

Yet. When I read a line that any human reader will instantly spot as incorrect, it makes me doubt these claims. Clearly the site content has been published without this famous Nissan attention to detail. And this site is their shop window.

Am I being unreasonable?

I don’t think so. As soon you let one – even “trivial” – error creep into your message, some people (people like me) will mark you down. It will erode a lot of the hard work you have put into the whole package. And all because of one simple, and easily corrected oversight.

So the moral is a simple one…

Write your stuff.

Then check it.

Then, check it AGAIN.

And finally? Check it AGAIN ONCE MORE.

Enough said?




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