I can see the light, but the tunnel keeps getting longer…

I read only last week that a venerable Scandinavian research institute had deduced (after a mega bout of data crunching and munching that I can only imagine) that:

“90% of ALL the data ever produced by humanity has been created in the last two years.”

Wow, I thought. That’s what I call exponential…

We all know there’s too much stuff out there. Too much clutter, Too many distractions.  Just…too much noise.

And yet… we don’t seem to need any more time to sift through it, or to consume it.

It’s like supermarkets. The average store now stocks ten times the product choice of even 15 years ago, and yet we still spend the same amount of time (57 minutes?) doing the weekly shop. So clearly, we are good at finding shortcuts. At cutting corners, At finding the quick and easy pathway through a chaotic environment.

Which gives me hope. Because it suggests that we have an instinct for identifying and connecting with the things that matter to us. No matter how many other things are shouting for our attention.

So I guess it’s a timely reminder that we all have to keep a tight focus. A focus on making sure that everything we say or write is relevant, timely, engaging, useful or entertaining. Or hopefully, all of the above…

So how have I done?

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