I had to read it twice…

…but for all the wrong reasons!

I got this in my inbox today, from a respected trade body. Of course the spelling and grammar mistakes could be put down to an administrative oversight, but that still doesn’t really excuse the poor tone of voice…


Hi Craig,

The IAB has a busy training scedule planned in for July. The four courses listed below all have a limited number of space available.

Book a place this week and get a 15% members discount.

Many thanks,

IAB Digital Training Team



Is this yet another worrying example of how digital media is lowering standards of communication? Or is it just a reminder of how easy it is, for all of us, to make  simple mistakes?

Too late now, I know, but the author of this e-marketing effort would definitely benefit from our instant Grammar e-learning course, and also our Writing for the web course, which even offers personal trainer feedback and tuition…

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