In pursuit of ‘appiness

 Once again, we’re falling into that peculiarly human flytrap known as technology…

Just because we can do it doesn’t mean anyone will actually want to do it….

I’m thinking of things like the red button on digital TV (except for Wimbledon on the BBC of course), the option to surf the net while you watch TV, or broadcast your location to your hundreds of “friends” via your 3 G phone. Ho hum.

Yet occasionally something does make sense, and in that category I now officially include the App. Specifically, the media App. A friend of mine, who lives in rural gorgeousness, cannot buy a paper on the way to work because of his grotesquely early commuting habit. Yet now, thanks to his smartphone, he can read his favourite daily paper on the train. Very very handy.

And so to Australia, where they’ve engineered a very smart deal between the media owner, the handset manufacturer, and the telco network, so that this App comes preloaded – including the subscription – on your new handset. Lots and lots of potential new, and regular, readers. And as they say, it could even transform telco’s into newsagents…

I don’t dislike technology. I only try to remember that it is just a tool, not an end in itself.

So if you want to become cynical like me, or conversely, astound yourself at the marvellous things we can now do, please check out our fabulous, fresh, and inspiring Introduction to Digital media course. The best few hours you will spend before Christmas. And easily the best £25 you will spend educating yourself.


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