Invest in skills by training

Nearly a third of UK employers plan to cut their investment in skills, according to a survey by the CBI.

Not a good move.

At least there is some good news in the survey: 58% plan no change in their investment.  14% plan to increase their investment.

CBI Skills Survey
14% to increase skills investment

Yet 63% consider it vital to their business objectives to invest in skills.   They can’t have it both ways.

The biggest  impact on skills is through training, not hiring.  And 69% want a more cost-effective way of training.  They need look no further than e-learning.   But to make it a success the organisation has to get senior management to buy in.  Some senior managers do not yet see e-learning as a viable option. 

Hopefully the financial squeeze will force them all to look seriously at it.  If, that is, they really do want to invest in skills.

One thought on “Invest in skills by training

  1. Craig McGregor says:

    Makes sense Richard, especially when you consider how much money business has saved (and is saving) by using the web for recruitment, either through their own corporate sites or the job boards. They should be queuing up for e-learning, with it’s lower costs and flexible benefits.

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