iPad wins over women too

Apple iPad
Could the Apple iPad be a saviour for print?

It’s not just gadget-loving men who like the look of the Apple  iPad.  Almost everyone in a group of 30 or so women who recently had a chance to try one said they would like to buy one.

Admittedly this a small sample.  And they were journalists working for a highly style conscious-brand. But they loved it.

They weren’t necessarily sure what they would do with it. Most said they would use it to read books and magazines.

That’s good news for publishers who are hoping to use tablet editions as a platform to extend the lives of their products.

They want it to do a bit more than a paper edition would though.

And this being the UK, they wouldn’t buy it at its current price. But do they desire it? They do.

Just one thing though:  high on a list of must-have accessories must be something that will eliminate all those smeary fingermarks.

Any others on your wish list?

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