It starts with content, but how does it end?

Remember that business school cliche ? “Pony Express went bust because they thought they were in the horse and carriage business, not the transport industry.”

In media this has been pertinent for years – the magazine publishers of old are now information distributors or multimedia user group hubs, for example. Reading this excellent article  about Rupert’s latest activities highlights some of the issues involved, and it doesn’t even factor in his bid to [re]gain complete control over SKY.

So what business does the world’s most successful media tycoon think he is in? His paywalls suggest the content creation and journalism business. Yet SKY is more about delivery than content, even if you are a sports nut or movie buff. Or is he betting that scale and market domination alone will see him through? I doubt it somehow.

Rupert always has a plan, we just never really know what it is…

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