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Do sponsors hate Fifa enough to put on real pressure?

The only way to get reform soon in Fifa will be through pressure from the sponsors. And even that may not work. Adidas, Coca-Cola, Gazprom, Hyandai and Visa pour $177 million and more a year into Fifa’s coffers. A further $131 million comes from second-tier sponsors such as McDonalds and Budweiser. A further $46 million Read More

Thorny issue for corporate communications: declare on EU membership or not?

Corporate communications teams this week face a thorny issue: do they commit their corporation to continued membership of the EU or not? Should they try to stand above the debate? Or should they, like the Ford Motor Company, commit early? A corporation faces the accusation that, if it delays its announcement of its views until Read More

Don’t change your name, Thomson holidays: TUI has no pull in the market

What’s in a corporate name? Nothing but reputation and a connection to customers. Rumour has it that Thomson, the holiday company, is about to change its name to TUI. That’s the name of the holding company. A mistake to change What a mistake it if does. It will lose the goodwill of all the millions Read More

Fragmented libel blocks documentary on Scientology from the UK screens

The fragmented state of libel laws in the UK means you will not be able to see a US-made documentary about the Church of Scientology. English and Welsh libel was reformed in 2013. The hurdles for the claimant were raised and the defences strengthened. Northern Ireland has the old libel But Northern Ireland kept the Read More