Libel Tourism

The Home secretary Jacqui Smith is threatened with a libel action by US “shock jock” Michael Weiner, also known as Michael Savage in his radio show.

And known by whom in England and Wales? Who had heard of him before this? So what reputation did he have? None. So there’s no reputation to damage.

He wants £200,000 personally from the Home Secretary for the libel he says is caused by bracketing him with other unsavoury characters.

Ironic, in the English sense, given that the US Congress and many US states are trying to pass laws which would stop the libel actions on English courts affecting authors in the US.

What’s libel tourism for one is libel tourism for all.

One thought on “Libel Tourism

  1. G says:

    Well, one way to reduce the possibility of someone suing you for libel is to make it illegal for them to read your web pages. For instance, if you put this header on you web pages, no one in the UK can legally read them: "Access to these web pages from the UK is not authorized. Violators may be subject to the Computer Misuse Act 1990."

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