Majestic customer communications from Majestic Wines

Majestic Wines has launched a marketing offensive with a majestic piece of corporate communications to its customers.

Capture customer adresses and use them

Majestic captures the addresses of its customers at the point of sale. It has used this information to mail them a 12-page brochure on its “Easter Pick ‘N’ Mix” offer with 33% off.

This comes through the letter box to customers as right hand side is glued, so as to make it a booklet.

Great printed communications by Majestic Wine into the homes of its customers


It is a great piece of design and corporate communications to customers. It looks and feels stylish.  And it comes as a print communication, not lost in the ether of a digital sandstorm.

Let down by Majestic PR

I wish I could tell you more about the number of customers Majestic sent it to: but the public relations (PR) office did not reply to my queries. And I wish I could tell you who designed it: in house or by an agency? But the PR office did not reply. Pity the PR arm is not as strong as the marketing arm at Majestic HQ.

Flat sales but trying hard

Majestic needs such a marketing boost. Its sales will be flat in the financial year ending in March and its market share will be flat at about 4.1%, it says. In these circumstances what better to do than invest in majestic customer communications?


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