Make your writing more effective

Writing is not as easy it looks.

It’s the little things that can trip you up.

Take this ad that appeared recently in a UK Sunday paper:

As an NICEIC electrician, you can trust me and my work.

Oops. Classic mistake: the two clauses don’t work together.  I’m not being a grammar pedant here. The problem is that it is hard to understand.

So what would have been better?

I’m an NICEIC electrician. You can trust me and my work.


You can trust me and my work; I’m an NICEIC electrician.

Anyone who is worried about making slip-ups like this can learn to avoid them with our new e-learning Effective writing course.

I’ve put all the tips and techniques that I’ve picked up over the years into this online course. It’s a practical, step-by-step  guide to improving your writing, whether you’re sending out an email, a report or even an ad!

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