Making every word count

…often means counting your words as well.

“Don’t take out the odd word here or there. Take out whole sentences; whole paragraphs” stated Rudyard Kipling (former copywriter) in his advice to fellow writers.

It’s still good advice. Especially when writing for an online audience. Resist the urge to drown your audience in data. Try to edit your message down to its bare essentials. THEN see if you can shape or sculpt the text to add pace, rhythm, and thus build reader interest.

Often the easiest thing is to “brain-dump” what you want to say (or what you believe your reader wants to hear) onto your screen, then go back to it to edit and refine. This is the time to add your carefully chosen adjectives or adverbs, which will help bring your piece to life.

This is one of the simple approaches that we suggest you try in some of our expert writing courses, such as the very popular e-learning course Writing for the Web or in our intensive and practical face-to-face workshop Copywriting for the web.

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