May right to raise threat of law to underpin independent press regulation post Leveson

Teresa May is right to say the government would introduce legislation to underpin an independent regulation of the press if the press itself does not come up with a suitable plan, and soon.

That’s a good negotiating tactic.

Her legions of critics will say: “But it’s not Government policy, listen to the PM.”

But there is no Government policy: Cameron and some scared Tories running one way and Lib Dems another.


How ironic that the Press Barons are in Number 10 effectively negotiating with the government on what will be acceptable for an independent regime and when.  As these same Barons have been telling us over the past weeks before Leveson published that any interference by government was a bad thing.

May perhaps realises, as should all involved, that the government does not have to be satisfied: it is the public which has to be satisfied.

Satisfy the public

However you define “The Great British Public” it was public outrage at the hacking which set off Leveson on his quest to square the circle.  I gave Leveson 3 ½ out of 10 for his report in my previous blog.  But at least May is picking up on the crucial point: independent regulation, yes, but underpinned by the force of law.  That’s the minimum the public will accept.

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