McCanns go for retaliation first

The McCanns, you must know them if not where their Maddy is, have hired lawyers. And those lawyers are tasked to warn the media not to suggest they drugged their children.

Another case of getting retaliation in first. See previous blog.

This amounts to pre-publication censorship.

Not that, I am pleased to say, the McCanns did drug their children.

But still not nice from a couple who need to media to find their child and prove themselves innocent.

2 thoughts on “McCanns go for retaliation first

  1. Anonymous says:

    But if they did drug their children, and know where Maddy is, then they probably aren’t actually too concerned about using the media to find the child or to prove themselves innocent, so why not piss off the press?Not that I’m suggesting they drugged their children, know where Maddy is, or aren’t innocent…(Nice picture, Richard.)

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