Netto puts ball into own net

The fierce supermarket stores in the UK continue to throw up examples of good and bad corporate communications. The latest one is a bad one from Netto.

It has returned after leaving the UK 4 years ago. It could not find its footing despite being here for 14 years.

Per Bank, CEO of Netto’s parent Dansk Supermarked, said as the new store opened this week that Netto would pull out in June 2015 if the venture did not work.

That’s an own goal.

Own goal from Netto: Aldi and Lidl will pile in
Own goal from Netto: Aldi and Lidl will pile in

All its discount rivals, Aldi and Lidl, have to do it beat it up for 7 months and it will fold. And Aldi and Lidl know how to beat up their rivals. Just see how Morrisons, the Co-op and Tesco are bleeding.

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