No scandal at Wimbledon tennis?

The importance of brand reputation was re-enforced for me yesterday in a trip to the Lawn Tennis Club at Wimbledon.

Our informed and entertaining host Ben Swann had us list major sporting events.  Test Cricket, The Olympics, The World Cup and other events went on the board.  And what is the difference between them and Wimbledon fortnight?  The lack of a scandal.

Other events blighted

Think of the Tour de France: drug taking.  Think of Test Cricket: match fixing and betting.   Nearly every other world sport event has its dark side.

With its very English tradition Wimbledon seems to have avoided all of this.  It’s about strawberries, cream and champagne.  But the prize money is large.

No sponsors

One of the nice things about Wimbledon is that it has no sponsors.  It has suppliers, such as Rolex and IBM, but it is not the Emirates Tennis Championship, or at least yet.

What may keep it in its present form is that it is a club, run by a handful of members.

The only real scandal I can find about Wimbledon is a pair of red knickers worn by a French player in 2007.

Scandal at Wimbledon: red French knickers
Scandal at Wimbledon: red French knickers

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