PPA Professional Certificate taken by 26 at UEL

26 students of the University of East London (UEL) are taking the Professional Publishers Association (PPA) Professional Certificate this year.  That’s up from 5 last year.

I’m running it.  That’s brownie points for me at UEL.   But more important for the students it is a bonus in their CVs and for the university it is a unique offer.

No guarantee but something extra

It will never guarantee a job.  But it is something extra on their applications for jobs.

Distinction so far

There are six modules and they have six months to do it.  I’ve already got one in and he has a distinction for it, so, so far so good.

We are reforming the journalism courses at UEL to run critique of journalism and the practice of journalism from the word go.  The PPA Certificate will then be offered to students in the final year.


I have a cohort of sports journalists doing the Certificate in the final year.  Not my subject but the Certificate should stretch them.


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