Praise for the creative commons: quality of work improving

All hail the creative commons

The quality of photography available on Flickr for commercial use via the creative commons licence has increased by bounds.  More and more are willing to let their photos be used as long as they are credited.

Take this photohammer and screw

I wanted an illustration of a hammer and a screw.  I got this one to illustrate the fact that everything looked like a nail to a hammer.  Thank you Justin Baeder for this photo and other contributors to the creative commons.

Not as popular as I thought

I thought initiatives like the creative commons and the open software movement would have more impact than they have.  All those creative people out there willing to create and share.  But it seems that the mainstream creation and defence of content through restricted copyright holds the sway.

That’s OK: choose how you want your content to be used: put it in the creative commons arena or don’t.

The software driving our website supporting our e-learning courses  is from open software, but with a lot of plumbing behind to link it together.

We now regularly use Flickr’s creative commons offering for our illustrations on Facebook.  Thanks to those creative commoners.

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