Precious little for the precious creative industries in budget

There is only one mention of the creative industries in the Red Book accompanying this week’s Budget.

Only one, for an industry which generates £70,000 a minute for the UK economy.

Only one, for an industry which employs 1.5 million people.

Only one, for an industry which accounts for 10% of UK exports.

Only one.

Here it is:

1.141 In addition, the Government is providing further support for the creative industries. The UK represents a global centre of excellence in digital media production, including visual effects. To further support this high-tech and export-oriented sector, build capacity and support growth:• the Technology Strategy Board will design and launch a new competition of up to £15 million inviting consortia bids to support digital content production through partnerships with industry, including specialist SMEs, educational research facilities and training providers;funding for the Skills Investment Fund will be increased to £8 million each year over the next two years, with Government match-funding voluntary industry contributions to support skills development in the UK digital content sectors; and• the Government will launch a public consultation on options to provide further support for the visual effects industry through the tax system.

That’s your lot, in a 122-page document.

Yet the Department for culture, media and sport says: “With the right support, they [creative industries] have the potential to bring even more benefits to our culture and economy.”

It seems that one part of the government is not talking to another.

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