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Introduction to Digital Media


Do you know your Twitter from your SEO strategy from your Facebook? This fact-filled elearning course explores digital media in enough detail to give you a sound understanding of the key issues, trends, technology, and possibilities. We explain all of the jargon, look at how the web is changing the way we live and work, and explore the three big issues that are driving change in the digital world. If you work with a website you’ll also get lots of practical guidance on how to optimise your traffic and build a digital buzz around your content.

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4 reviews for Introduction to Digital Media

  1. lynnemcneil

    First class course. I’m already doing a bit of social media, but I still picked up many helpful and useful tips on this low-cost course, which I would highly recommend to anyone on the brink of improving or establishing a new digital presence. Thank you!

  2. lbrown

    This was an excellent introduction to the digital world, which is everywhere you turn. Even the bits I DID already know, which were quite a few, were interesting as they weren’t patronising. It struck a good balance and has inspired me to build on what I have learnt.

  3. ricrawlins

    As someone who’s worked in digital media for a few years already, I took this course to learn any terminologies or concepts that had passed me by.It did a good job of clarifying such things, and though I found some of it self-evident, starters in digital media will not – and they’ll be the ones who find everything here that they need to know to get going.

  4. grayal

    A good introductory course for those who either know nothing at all about digital media or those who want to refresh their memories. I would have liked some sort of test at the end though, to reinforce the knowledge, and it would have been useful to download the glossary to keep.

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