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Many of our users identify trainer feedback as the most valuable element of our courses.  They love the one-to-one attention provided and the "luxury" of having an expert review their work, providing specific guidance and tips. We always recommend including this option as part of your e-learning programme.



Successful proofreading can make the difference between a really effective piece of writing, and one that confuses, bores, or even antagonises your reader. If you ever have to check copy or content for mistakes, then this practical elearning course delivers everything you need to make you quicker, better, and much more effective at proofreading.

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4 reviews for Proofreading

  1. catherine.maguire

    I really enjoyed the course, I found it easy to follow and the feedback element was really useful. I would recommend it to anyone interested in learning or polishing up their proofreading skills.

  2. Damian

    I found this course very helpful. I certainly learnt some things about how I was proofreading and some new tricks for the future. It took tight amount of time too. Many thanks. (Would it be funny if I put loads of howling errors in this post? No? Oh.)

  3. jenniwest36

    I have been a writer/editor/proofreader for 17 years and, on occasion, take refresher courses to keep my skills sharp. The proofreading class offered by ContentECTC was very informative, contained challenging exercises, and touched on aspects of proofreading that many e-learning classes omit, such as how to best prepare to proofread and determining the best environment in which to proofread. Those aspects are just as important as proofreading fundamentals like grammar and punctuation. I highly recommend this e-learning course.

  4. cdrew

    This course has improved my proofreading and made me more confident in my abilities. The course itself is clear and easy to understand, but the best part is the feedback. Seeing each error outlined and explained has helped me exponentially! I’ll definitely be referring back to my notes for this course!

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