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Top 20 Grammar Mistakes and How to Fix Them


This easy to follow, expert elearning programme will transform your writing, boost your confidence, and help your readers understand exactly what you are trying to say! The grammar mistakes covered are the most common ones that can affect all types of writing: emails, letters, proposals, project reports, websites, presentations, job applications, press releases, journalism, brochures, and blogs. If you really want to brush up on your grammar and improve your writing, then this is definitely the course for you.

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4 reviews for Top 20 Grammar Mistakes and How to Fix Them

  1. cdrew

    A great way to refresh all the things I learnt at school. I particularly enjoyed the teaching style which allowed me to make notes, without feeling rushed

  2. sjoyce

    The course was very helpful particularly the quizzes at the end to review your learning. Also great that you are still able to access the course after completion; very handy if you want to check something at a later date.

  3. patiencebm

    The course was very helpful and refreshing. It made for clear understanding of some confusing aspects of grammar. The style of teaching was very interesting and easy to understand. What i particularly loved, is the provision to go at your pace and to go back at any time. However,I would also suggest an expansion of the course to include more grammar mistakes and not just 20. Because there are loads of other mistakes people make, that are yet to be discussed.

  4. ascott

    I found the course helpful and informative. I was able to take notes and replay if I did not fully understand without feeling rushed.

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