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Digital Writing Skills


Online readers are more demanding, less loyal and won’t give you as much time. Your words need to work much harder to get your message across. This elearning course shows you all the vital secrets – how the right language makes your copy easier to read, making the most of search engines and attracting more people to your site.

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2 reviews for Digital Writing Skills

  1. wylag1

    I found the course very informative especially regarding thinking about how people read content on a screen. Some of it I was loosely aware of already but there were still some surprising facts – including that as much as 50% of people do not scroll down the opening screen and using bold and repeating words so that they rank high in search engines when being sought after are really helpful tips. The course is not exceptionally long and uses good images to convey learning.Very enjoyable!

  2. emrun

    A good course to summarise best practice for web writing. Easy to follow, interesting examples used.

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