Reviews: what’s legal?

The media is full of reviews today.  So what is permissible under libel law?  That’s what I was asked this week by somebody who had been on one of my courses last year.  And I was glad to answer.

Stick to the product or service being reviewed and you’re OK.   Don’t attack the vendor.  You can take another step to ensure you’re safe.  If the product or service does not live up to what the vendor says ask them why.

That’s what the draft review did.

Online reviews

The problem is often with reviews by the public online.  TripAdvisor had some trouble in 2010 about the reviews on its site.  The hotel and B&B owners who were reviewed claimed that some reviews were just plain malicious.  They got in the company KwikChex to vet the reviews and try to have the poor ones, which the owners claimed were faulty, taken down.

Free advice

It was good to hear from the delegate.  I’m always ready to answer any questions even years after the session is over on the subject.  And there’s no charge.

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