SEEKS: Brave client, must have great S.O.H.



Do you recall this poster campaign? It ran  a couple of years ago, and is always worth looking at for a number of important reasons…

Firstly, it is an honest ad. The writer at M&C Saatchi should be applauded for suggesting this approach to the client. And the suit who  sold it clearly deserves a medal.

Secondly it shows a “human” side to the brand – in this case Dixons, who had suffered from a  very poor image.   The ad makes you laugh, or at least chuckle knowingly. This is a fantastic response to elicit from a viewer, and serves to emphasise the humanity (i.e. “…just like you and me”)  of the brand. A sense of humour is a fabulous quality to project. If you can laugh, or even better if it makes you laugh, you are far more likely to have a warm response to the message, and the advertiser.

Third, it is very clever. Written with real economy and craft, and easy to absorb in one pass, no thinking required. The colours also reflect the competing retail brand – in this example, yellow for Selfridges – further engaging their well-informed target audience.

Finally, it is complete. It can stand alone and work very, very well, or be one chapter in an ongoing campaign, which in turn breeds anticipation in the audience. They want to see the next one! Which of course is a rare and highly valued after-effect for any advertising campaign.

Have you read the sign-off line?

I say again, a very brave, and in this case, accurately confident, client.

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