Social media starts with content

Not often you find something really interesting from a recruitment consultant, apart from a job.  But CNA, the job hunters for social media jobs, is an exception.  They’ve done some thinking about social media use this interesting diagram from Hayes and Papworth.


You are at the centre: involved, creating, discussing, promoting and measuring: from Hayes and Papworth and selected by CNA

There you are in the centre of the web: involved, creating, discussing, promoting and measuring.  Papworth, the co-creator of this diagram, has a site measuring the activity of social media live: quite some numbers.

CNA goes further and includes the 5 C’s of social media.  They are:

  • Content (start with content);
  • Context (understand how your community wants to engage, where, why);
  • Connectivity (people know how their community works and see a need and know how others can help and connect accordingly);
  • Continuity (look at social as a continous thing and keeping doing it and learn from the community and improve); and
  • Collaboration (if you have people collaborating over your business, that’s a good metric).

Nice to see there’s a reference to the title of our work: ContentETC.

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