Spending cuts – where’s the upside?

I know this concept is hard to imagine, especially as there are so many downsides.  Job losses and reductions in public service, to name just two that will affect many of us. And sadly, even this blog post isn’t really date-sensitive, as these cuts will be here for many, many  years to come…

The one effect I’ll be watching with close interest is the inevitable rise of the “frontier” [wild west] culture. With less regulatory interference and oversight, it’s easy to see how organisations and people – with less scruples than the average – may well see and sieze  their chance to blossom and prosper, however and hopefully briefly this may be.  

That dodgy property developer will get away with even more than usual. “Get rich quick” schemes may prove even more seductive. Petty and victimless corporate crime will almost certainly increase. Fat cats will rapidly evolve into clinically obese felines. 

For our own protection, therefore, we will all need to be a lot more self-reliant. A little more aware and critical. We will need to pick and choose our partners, suppliers and even our customers with far greater care, attention and consideration.

One obvious result of this cultural shift is a greater emphasis on trust and reassurance. Social networks may play a greater role in commerce and building new business relationships.

If you want to gain – and keep – your audience, you will certainly need to be more persuasive. You will have to effectively convey this trust and assurance, especially if  you have genuinely earned it!

So there’s that elusive  upside.  If you have a valid message, a genuine proposition, or a compelling offering, you will still win. But you will need to convince people of your true value and worth.

And as we all know, you can’t convince people of anything.  You can really only help them to convince themselves.

And that, of course, is where effective communication skills really come into their own.

So that’s why I’m sending you this gentle reminder. Let’s work together to help you succeed in this uncertain, yet exciting  future.

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